What’s new and different about these puppies isn’t apparent in the pictures. Graphics Previous page Next page. The fins on the back of the card may interfere with the expansion slot on the back side of the card, but not necessarily so. Nvidia rates the GT’s power consumption at 82W, so this passive cooler certainly has its work cut out for it. For being as old as it is or so , it’s on par with my on board integrated video processor. Processor Graphics Processor Manufacturer. A unique Superscalar GPU architecture pushes performance to new heights.

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More importantly, what video card actually makes sense to buy these days? That’s about as far from a lame, stale bundled game as you can get. No, your eyes don’t deceive you, and neither does my photography.

What cheese is feforce backwards? Like a host of GeForce and cards before it, the GT is based geforce 7950 gt oc the G71 graphics processor, which Nvidia has been milking like nobody’s business.

Strapped to the side of this GT is a completely passive cooler, with a heatpipe snaking up into rows of aluminum fins that extend around the back of the card. So, by adding the extra power adapter it might surpass my integrated video geforce 7950 gt oc video quality and video gsforce.

EVGA – Product Specs – e-GeForce GT

I would expect to these cards selling very close to list price at online vendors soon. Of course, this is a technology product we’re talking about, so the decision about what to buy can never be geforce 7950 gt oc.

Read on for the answers. Should run at 4.

Sahrin Hot chips is an industry technical conference for presenting scientific papers, The cards and chips I don’t think there’s terribly much more I can say about the G71 graphics processor at this point. If you’re unfamiliar with it, let me suggest reading our initial article from March about the G71 and family. You may also like. Can the newest GeForce fend off a feisty competitor from ATI, or has the balance of power in graphics shifted?

The GeForce GT makes hitting that “submit” button at Newegg geforce 7950 gt oc easier because it promises substantially better performance than the GT it replaces. I’d expect online retailers to be geforce 7950 gt oc them in the lower part of that range. Skip to main content. All this od extreme gaming performance. The fins on the back of the card may interfere with the expansion slot on geforce 7950 gt oc back side of 79550 card, but not necessarily so.

Processor Graphics Processor Manufacturer. You will experience gwforce visual effects, dynamic lighting, amazing sound, excellent vision blur, and an immersive virtual reality.

Nvidia’s GeForce 7950 GT graphics card

Corsair’s HS70 wireless gaming headset reviewed. What’s new and different about these puppies isn’t apparent in the pictures. Show More Show Less. Customize The Tech Report Graphics Previous page Next page. There’s no fan or blower present. Trending Price New. More items related to this product. Power through games with exceptionally smooth frame rates at wide screen resolutions up to x, and geforce 7950 gt oc ultra fluid, high-definition video playback using advanced NVIDIA PureVideo HD technology.

The GeForce GT’s life is complicated by one very strong rival: This item doesn’t belong on this page.

We will explore its performance shortly, but for now, note that the cooler isn’t your traditional dual-slot design.

It has a clock speed of MHz vs. It will tell you that you need to add a geforce 7950 gt oc pin pci express power adapter to the back of the gfforce and it will automatically throttle down it’s video capability until that has been done.