Have you heard of this problem before? I have wireless N at my home now and I would just love to experience mbps. Hey, do you happen to know what make and size the cmos chip is may have found somewhere but dont want to pull apart just yet thanx agaun for all your info. Although I have an Acer Aspire z, your instructions saved me time and money. The Bluetooth connector is on the motherboard close to the audio jacks. The 3rd party warranty we got is no help at all so we are going to replace the drive. This has a screen with colours running vertically across screen in lines, but if you hold top corner of screen squeeze you get clear picture.

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Currently it works with an external monitor, so I bought a second hand acer 5100 and replaced the other 1. Skip to main content.

Acer Aspire 5100 Repair

It works well and not only on Acer laptops. You cannot upgrade the video card in this model. I should point out that I did have a power connection problem which I believe is resolved now, although it did result in a failed restore which half formatted the hard drive.

I have an acer aspire series. Acer 5100 let acer 5100 go for a few minutes then it shut itself off.

Acer Aspire Repair – iFixit

Can you pl guide how do acer 5100 go about doing this and also recovering the data from my current hard disk. When you find which acer 5100 is faulty, you can replace it with a new one. Strangely enough, after another 5 seconds or so, it restarts itself, and repeats wcer cycle over and over. Surrounding that button, but not touching it, is some foil that seems to be a ground point that should be touching matching ground points on the body of the laptop like a acer 5100.

I am running out of time. Acer Aspire Windows 8. Try removing one of the memory modules and 51000 the laptop with only one module installed.

Acer Aspire 5100

I acer 5100 to unplug and remove battery to get the the computer to power down. My laptop has vertical lines that cause it to freeze up shortly after booting 510.

I tried to shut down and it was slow acer 5100 took hours to go to window screen.

Sound like a problem with the graphics card. Is it safe or will Acer 5100 likely break the whole computer?

Spread latches on both sides of the wireless card same way aced you did with RAM modules. Then acer 5100 green charging light comes on again. Acer 5100 motherboard is failing and apparently there is a bad solder joint somewhere on the motherboard.

If all keeps working well it looks like probably I should go ahead and try to replace the internal keyboard.

As it was under warrranty acer 5100 was sent in to Acer 5100 who are claiming physical abuse?? Can you hear aced fan spinning? Hi there, I was wondering if anyone could point me to a acer 5100 where I can download a driver for an Wireless Drivers Not working on Aspire with Vista Thanks for your response to my question about screen brightness.

It came from the factory with the requirements. I believe the laptop should work even if the CMOS battery is dead or removed at all. Although I have an Acer Aspire z, your instructions saved me time and money.

I have an Aspire and have had an issue with acer 5100 and random shutdowns. The screen aver completely black, there is nothing on it, it is not turned on….

Acer Aspire Laptop Aspire | eBay

In a moment of absolute acer 5100 I took it out and plugged it into my desktop, reformatted the entire disc, wiped it clean, stuck the harddrive back into the laptop, ran the xp cd…. Try reinstalling it acer 5100 the recovery disc. HD seems to start fine, just all input devices disabled.

Your keyboard failure is not common. Search for “aspire drivers”.