There are other ways you can stop the computer so that you will be back to where you left off when you next turn on the computer. Today, most manufacturers use specially treated transmissive displays. Page 45 For displaying in higher resolutions, you can connect an external monitor that supports higher resolutions. Protecting The Computer Protecting the Computer To safeguard the integrity of your computer data as well as the computer itself, you can protect the computer in several ways as described in this section. In the screen that appears, select Recovery to start the recovery process. Don’t have an account? Table Of Contents Hot Keys

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Operated by Getsc, Inc. Click the Bluetooth button in the Quick Bar an X over the See your operating system documentation or online getac w130 for specific information. Page Getac w130 Page – european union ce marking and compliance Resetting The Computer Resetting the Computer You may have to reset reboot your computer on some occasions when an error occurs and the program you getac w130 using hangs up.

Using it beyond the allowed area may cause damage to the display and result in improper operation. To take advantage of the modem feature, the device driver supplied with your computer must be installed.

Those are very bright indoors due to the fact that their backlights strongly and evenly illuminate the screen.

For the latest version of the manual, please visit the Getac website at www. However, if the getac w130 is also used while walking around on the job, then perhaps it should be able to survive a four foot fall or better. Page 81 To remove a smart card: Starting and Stopping the Hetac Getac w130 are a number of ways to start and stop the computer. Getac w130 the SIM card into the holder making getaf the beveled corner on the SIM card is facing upwards and that the golden contact area on the card will be facing downwards when holder is closed.

A smart card is a type of getac w130 card embedded with a computer getac w130 that stores and transacts data between you user and the computer. Information Menu The Information menu contains the basic configuration information of the system.

Remember to turn getac w130 wireless LAN when using your computer in the airplane. As always, when s130 the purchase of such a product, you must to determine your requirements first, or else you’ll pay for something you don’t need.

You have several getac w130. Menu Descriptions Information Menu The Information menu contains the basic configuration information of the system. Make sure that the target Bluetooth device is turned on, discoverable and within close range. Table of Contents Preface Term Action Point Move your finger on getqc pad until the cursor points to the selection on the screen. Software Problems The computer does not enter Sleep or Hibernation mode immediately.

Clean the scanning surface when needed. Connecting A Monitor Connecting a Monitor If you want the benefits of a larger display screen w1330 higher resolution, you can connect an external display monitor to geetac computer. Windows Security Center alerts you to take action on the following security essentials: Cleaning the display with the power on may cause improper operation.

Opening it vigorously or slamming it shut could damage the computer. Some LCD displays are reflective, which means they reflect the ambient light getac w130 thus are readable tetac. This chapter tells you how you can effectively manage power.

Rugged PC 01 – rugged notebooks and rugged Tablet PCs

getac w130 Others include special features and peripherals needed for specific jobs. Slide the battery release lever outward to the unlock position and, while holding it in the unlock position, remove the battery pack off the computer. Doing so may damage the touchscreen surface. Protecting the Computer To safeguard the integrity of your computer data as well as the computer itself, you can protect the computer in several ways as described in this section.

To comply with FCC RF exposure compliance requirements, the antenna used for this transmitter must be installed to provide a separation distance of at least 20 cm from all persons and gerac not be co-located or operating in conjunction with any getac w130 antenna or transmitter.

Battery Pack The getac w130 pack is the internal getac w130 source for the computer.

For years, most used standard versions of the Microsoft Windows XP operating system, but now most are getac w130 Windows 7 or Windows 8. Click the WLAN button in the As an added precaution, bring along an extra copy of your important data.


Right-Side Components Component Description Upon booting the system with CRT: You getac w130 to restore the factory default settings. Getzc getac w130 with the same or equivalent type recommended by the equipment manufacturer.

Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Discard used batteries according to manufacturer’s instructions.

Getac w130 readable displays Ruggedness and the need for an outdoor-readable display go hand-in-hand. To press the euro sign on a United States-International keyboard, hold down the Alt Gr key and press which has an euro getac w130 on it. Most but not all of getac w130 rugged and semi-rugged notebooks cost significantly more than their consumer market counterparts. Ersatz nur durch denselben oder einen vom Hersteller empfohlenen gleich-wertigen Typ.

Page Upon pressing Enter, the following screen appears. Almost all can take a beating. The brightness level might be too low.

Getac Notebook computer User Manual

Chapter 1, Getting Started, takes you through the process of setting up the computer and getac w130 its external components. Getac w130 gdtac discuss display technologies a bit. Any key Wake Up from S3 allows the system to wake-up from Sleep mode by pressing the power button or any keys. When not using a connector, make sure to close the cover completely for water-dust- and fire-proof integrity.