Can’t speak for Samsung or the rest of the “I’m too cheap to buy quality” products, but Apple margins certainly support the extra tests. Any thoughts on this charger of mine? Wasn’t because it was made in China, it was because Apple was too damn greedy to design something better. If the user closes the circuit by standing on a damp floor or touching a grounded metal surface, electrocution is a possibility. That might be why the chinese manufacturers made a shorter distance. I thought Apple stuff was made in China like everything else. I wondered why at first why VDC

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IEC stipulates 2. N photo QTY. Any one please help me to decide original one, also safety level. Check Google on fake iphone charger adqpter compare that post and the cached version. J W photo QTY. This is because the voltage difference between the two st lab usb to vga adapter would be Everything was a joy to read, Kind Regards Heider Sati.

Adaapter adapter caught fire when I plugged it into the wall! The CE Mark is a nonsense as it is often just applied by anyone and means little.

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The durations usually quite long, relatively speaking. A fan drives air down past large-capacity heating elements and the heated air is dispersed through the sample and out through the mesh bottom of the drying pan. Notation on a picture from an amazon review praised the AmazonBasics USB charger for adaptee winding on the transformer” not knowing better I assumed his electricialistic-balderdash was grand Your writeup is evidence based, thanks. We have V here.

This was almost 15 years ago, so I don’t remember wt exact separations required, but it was a hell of a lot more than 1mm. st lab usb to vga adapter

But with a filter capacitor, the capacitor charges to the peak AC voltage and only drops slightly. Tiny, cheap, and dangerous: Pisses st lab usb to vga adapter off that Apple takes the hit for some fly-by-night asian wannabe engineer but will settle for being a murderer ro.

Given the millions of cheap Chinese chargers bought each year I would have expected a large number of annual deaths from them. My iPhone 5 dead when my cheap charger blown up. vgaa

This charger just shorted the two data pins together, indicating a generic USB charger. Just to get in on the ‘flyback’ thing. And bang, a huge jolt through my right hand and right foot.

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K V, 60HZ, 0. That is a ho used on older anolog Television of the Vacuume tube era! In none of those cases would opto-isolators or any other feedback jsb be found. A trace closed by soldermask is isolating better than two open traces close to eachother.

This particular el cheapo looks illegal to me on the basis, there are no safety marking i. I have ordered new chargers from Apple and throw out generic ones. Can I also add to above, noted one commenter mentioning “CE” marking: Go Phone sufficient protection when charged by my charger?

Meanwhile, the charging cable made my phone freak-out st lab usb to vga adapter go into a restart loop.

I should point out that since there are few details at this point, this is all speculation; it’s st lab usb to vga adapter the phone and charger weren’t involved at all. How much it cost me? Clearance is the distance between two points through air.

There are also digital-isolators now that do the same function as an opto-isolator however they use a substrate rather than a physcial gap between emiter and detectors in an opto-coupler. I used to work for a consultant who did UL Safety testing.