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Lily Mine (2011)

Reviews see all Vanet. However, with each day she pretends to be his wife he finds himself questioning his loyalties and Lily is falling in love with the one man she cannot have.

I’m torn between giving this one 3 or 4 stars. Red Dirt Heart 4.

Delightful characters and a nice love story. She is inquisitive and although in the beginning worried about the lily mine annabel joseph pdf download of pretending to be his wife, Lord Ashbourne is always the gentleman with her, nine asking for anything more than she can give.

I thought this was a wonderful story, liked Lily a lot. In order to protect the sister of his fiancee who had already married a commoner joselh wedding him, he has to pull of the charade of them nestled at home getting used to the idea of being married until she comes back.

Another steamy book from Annabel Joseph.

Once or twice, fine, but not repeatedly. I saw others stating that as well in their review. Finding herself on the road to Lilyvale Manor, Lily is hoping to find a position as a gardener with goals in mind to live her life proudly instead of a less desirable path.

I like heavier stuff, but for people who don’t want hardcore BDSM historical fics, this is a great one to pick up and read. I’m going to go with 4 because I really love Annabel Joseph’s writing style. This was a sweeter, slower build up in a lot of lily mine annabel joseph pdf download.

Copy in the library: I liked lily mine annabel joseph pdf download they took their time and Lily still stayed true to who she was. That’s what it’s all about to me. James couldn’t have been more different from Downpoad, even they were both rudimentary Doms in their own way.

My only complaint in this one with the love scenes, was her continually calling his erection a rod. The story line was good, but the dialogue was pretty flat through most of this. I will say though that it was great that she didn’t just write the same characters in a different story. Other books lily mine annabel joseph pdf download Romance. It took forever for him to josepj any kind of mind kink, so that was missing for me through most of it.

And I wasn’t the only one to think that. Her channel instead of cunny great word, by the way, cunny was a turn-off as well, but it wasn’t used as often as his rod uoseph. Other books by Annabel Joseph. To Tame a Countess. Lord Ashbourne is not sure what to think of the woman before him, her uncanny resemblance to the woman who was supposed to be his wife disturbs him, but their is a genuine quality to her that has him asking for her help.

That was probably another reason it took so long for him to grow on me.

Raised as a gardeners daughter, Lily was thrown out of her family when the families son took liberties she had not wished upon herself but had no choice in the matter.

Rod just sounds painful and skinny, and honestly, who wants doqnload long, thin poker inside them with no girth? Lily mine annabel joseph pdf download annxbel the Devil. It’s all about the width, baby. I did enjoy the little bit of angst toward the end, and I will definitely be reading more of Annabel Joseph’s stuff.

DOWNLOAD | READ Lily Mine () by Annabel Joseph in PDF, EPUB formats.

I guess my biggest issue was I kept comparing it to Disciplining the Duchess, which I was so obsessed with, I couldn’t stop thinking about and talking about for a few days. He liked to play tricks on Lily. With Lily in his home, he could stave off rumors until the matter is settled. James was more subtle, quieter in a lot of ways with a sneaky sense of humor.

I’m definitely a fan of hers and her spanking fixation. Although, I doubt I’ll be rereading this, even if I did identify with Lily in some ways since I’m a gardener as well and love growing flowers. I freaking live for reading mind kink.