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In order to conserve batteries, the system is put in a low power sleep mode after 30 seconds of inactivity. Since the SmartScan is basically a computer, can it “lock-up” like my PC sometimes does?

Installation & Troubleshooting Instructions – Smart Scan (BioLock)

If having trouble operating the lock: Display does not come on. Try swiping a different finger that you have enrolled. Being a general purpose computer, the PC has long time-outs and from the user’s prospective in both scenarios above the computer will appear to be “locked-up. In the event however, that SmartScan is busy executing a series of commands keypad or swipe and needs to kwikset smart key instructions pdf download stopped, all is required is to remove one battery, wait for 60 seconds and reinsert.

Change deadbolt arrow to match your installation. Sometime I hear a beeping sound when I operate kwikset smart key instructions pdf download lock. Amart guarantee clock integrity, do not leave batteries out of the system longer than two 2 minutes.

What is the purpose of the Locktime adjustment? My lock works backwards: Hold for seconds, then remove hand from deadbolt. This is a temporary electronic “fix” for a misaligned or warped door. When Keypad or Finger print activity is detected, dmart system receives a “wake-up” command; it takes approximately 0.

Search model or keyword. Verify that the batteries are good and that they are installed correctly. I replaced the batteries and now my clock is all wrong.

The default setting is “Normal” which provides optimum timing for most applications. Please note that the operation in process just before battery removal, will have to be repeated. SmartScan returns to the opening menu. Verify that the batteries are good and that they are installed correctly 2.

If batteries are wearing out too quickly: Press a key on the keypad: If motor stays on for too long: Remove your kwikset smart key instructions pdf download from the deadbolt for about 30 seconds and try again.

The kwikset smart key instructions pdf download and “High” settings may be used to temporarily overcome alignment problems until a permanent repair is made. I tap my finger and I hear kwiksrt motor operate but the lock does not lock. Medium and High Locktime modes impose extra strain on the system and shorten battery life; these modes are offered as a convenience only and they are not to be used as a substitute for a door or a door-jumb repair.

Kwikset : Smart Security : Electronic Locks : SmartCode Deadbolt Installation Guides

For complete installation instructions or programming guide please download the files below. Try to improve swiping technique. Why is there a delay from when I touch kwiksft sensor and the unit LED activating?

To change user status, go to: My unit won’t wake up what should I do?

Battery life estimate is based on 10 – 15 access a day, including times that the LCD is on, even without driving instductions bolt. A Grasp the lower side of the deadbolt with one finger wrapped around the fingerprint sensor and the thumb on the top of the deadbolt.

Check the alignment between the bolt and the strike to make sure kwikset smart key instructions pdf download bolt can move into the strike without any interference. Avoid “waking up” the system unnecessarily. System operation finger swipe: What can I instructoins to help the unit wake up easier? This is probably downlosd to a warped door.

Please note that locktime settings other than “NORMAL” increase system strain and decrease battery life; they are not recommended to be used in lieu of door or jamb repair.

Kwikset : Customer Support : Product FAQs

It locks when I swipe and unlocks when I tap three times. Many times what it is perceived as a “lock-up” is just an attempt by the PC to access a non-responding peripheral. Enroll same finger additional times. When Kwikset smart key instructions pdf download operate the lock the lock, the motor sounds strained and the bolt only goes half way.

Other times the PC may try to execute a barrage of instructions that an impatient user may have issued.