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The total number of sectors in the volume. The first downloax of the partition table, the Boot Indicator field, indicates whether or not the volume is the active partition.

Not an IT pro? Each entry starts at a predetermined offset from the beginning of the sector, as follows:. If mbr magazine pdf download master boot mbr magazine pdf download cannot complete these functions, the system displays one of the following error messages:. The second entry of the extended partition table for the second logical drive points to the EBR mr the next logical drive.

The Starting Sector and Ending Sector fields are each six bits long, which limits the range of these fields to 0— Dynamic disk uses the Disk Management database located at the end of the disk for disk configuration information.

Do not change the LBA setting on any hard disk containing data.

Only bits are used. Loads a copy of the boot sector from the active partition into memory. Because of the importance of the MBR and EBR sectors, it is recommended that you run disk-scanning tools regularly as mbr magazine pdf download as regularly back up all your mbf files to protect against losing access to a volume or an entire disk.


When there are fewer than four partitions on a disk, the remaining partition table fields are set to the value 0. The master boot code uses these fields to find and load the boot sector of the active partition. A signature word also mbr magazine pdf download the end of an extended boot magqzine EBR and mbr magazine pdf download boot sector. There is no MBR on a floppy disk. The Ending Cylinder is a bit number, with a maximum value magazkne The offset from the beginning of the disk to the beginning of the volume, counting by sectors.

It is possible to have different operating systems and different file systems on different volumes. These fields are essential for starting the computer.

Master Boot Record

The second entry points to the EBR of the next logical drive. The first sector on a floppy disk is the boot sector. The MBR, the most important data structure on the disk, is created when the disk is partitioned. This documentation is archived and is not being maintained. Indicates whether the volume is the magasine partition. At the end of the MBR magazinf a 2-byte structure called a signature word or end of sector marker, which is always set to 0x55AA. Magazime definitions of the fields in the partition mbr magazine pdf download and the extended partition tables are the same.

Office Office Exchange Server. The disk signature, a unique number at msgazine 0x01B8, identifies the disk to mbr magazine pdf download operating system. If no further logical drives exist, this field is not used. An EBR, which consists of an extended partition table and the signature word for the sector, exists for each logical drive in the extended partition.

We appreciate your feedback. Defines the volume type. This allows partitions containing up to 2 32 sectors to be defined. Do not use for booting. The maximum FAT16 volume size that you can use on mbr magazine pdf download computer depends on the disk geometry and the maximum values that fit in the partition table entry fields.

The Relative Sectors field represents the offset from the beginning of the disk to the beginning of the volume, counting by sectors, for the volume described by the partition table entry. However, if there mbr magazine pdf download no extended partition on a disk, there are no EBRs and no logical drives.

If your disk fails, you need to work with the partition starting point among other factors to retrieve stored data. The content you requested has been removed. The Total Sectors field represents the total number of sectors in the volume.

The figure shows three logical drives on an extended partition, illustrating the difference in extended partition tables between preceding logical drives and the last logical drive. The number in the Mbr magazine pdf download Sectors field refers to the number of sectors that make up the logical drive.