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Mainframe refresher part 1 by muthu pdf download to right — 1. All other paragraphs areoptional and used for documentation. How do you set return code from the program? Dynamic array is the array whose size is decided during runtime just before sownload of first element of the array. The identifiers used in the UNTIL condition s must be altered within theparagraph s being performed; otherwise the paragraphs will be performedindefinitely.

Assign file-status and take the responsibility. So there is no special control isneeded for multi volume files. Internal sort, in turninvokes the SORT product of your installation. English Like language — Easy mainframe refresher part 1 by muthu pdf download learn, code and maintain.

If you want to manipulate the data before feeding to sort, preferinternal sort. More than one record can becoded here. Zero suppression or insertion of editingsymbols takes places according to the rules of editing pictures. Their layout can be placed in onecopybook and be placed wherever the files are used. The file is mxinframe to your program by this statement. WS-VAR1 is passed by reference. At any point of time,you can have only one file is active in the program.

Mainframe refresher-part-1

Any unfilled field of the receiving filed is filled with spaces. It supplies informationabout the hardware or computer equipment to be used on the program. When an alphanumeric field is moved to a numeric or numeric-edited field,the item mainframe refresher part 1 by muthu pdf download moved as if it were in an unsigned numeric integer mode. END structure of other languages. So memorywastage due to IRG is avoided.

With OFFSET, the procedure portion of the listing will contain line numbers,statement references, and the location of the first instruction generated for each Name should be unique within the record.

Literal-1 orIdentifier-3 is a maingrame or defresher you are looking in the main-string.

This sets return code as for the step that executes this program. Check the file-status code for validity. This will be useful when you want skip allthe records in the first reel after n number of records processing.

Hyphen is the only allowed special character but it dodnload be first or last letter of thename. Comma can be used as decimal point.

Break statement is not needed,as it is so in other languages. Thisreturns the control back to main program. The severity of failure has to bedefined in the program design stage. Expanded nested perform is available forprocessing multi level tables.

mainframe refresher part 1 by muthu free download

It is mixed access mode where the file can be accessed in random as well assequential mode in the program. Anycomplex condition can be given in the WHEN clause.

PGM2 is called here. PGMB is nested a program in theexample below: It also includes listing, whereall the data-names that are referenced within your program and the line numberwhere they are defined.

Value ofitem must not exceed picture size.