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Notes When the above shooting modes dwonload registered and recalled in Memory recall modethe conditions for whether settings can be changed or not remain the same as in the above table. This is good for landscapes, etc. Using with your computer Cannot copy the data on the memory card or the computer to the internal memory. Memory recall mode after completing the shooting settings, the registered settings are given priority and the original settings may become invalid.

Does not use the Auto power-off function. Page If a folder contains protected images or files that cannot be played back by the camera, images Printing other than these images are deleted and the folder will remain.

On The Internal Rechargeable Backup Battery Using with your computer Insert a charged battery pack in the camera, and then leave the camera for 24 hours or more with the Printing power off. Sony does not guarantee that the camera will play back images recorded or edited with other equipment, or that other equipment will play back images recorded with the camera.

Ssony AF operates with priority on subjects located near the center of the frame. Switch to playback mode. When the recording folder contains a Reset Using with your computer file, a number one higher than the largest number is assigned.

Sony DSC-HX50 Service Manual

Use this manual if you encounter any problems, or have any questions about the camera. If a section with greatly varied shapes or scenery is concentrated along a screen edge, the image composition may fail. Memory Recall Mode Check the indicators on the screen before shooting. When viewing images on a computer, the image rotation information may not be reflected depending on the software.

Check that the TV is set to display the 3D images.

If [Wind Noise Reduct. Icons in the operating manusl sentences appear when hxx50v camera is in its default settings. The higher the amount of data Viewing used per second average bit-ratethe higher the image quality. Notes If you shoot a subject in extremely bright or dark conditions, or when you use the flash, the exposure adjustment may not be effective. Page Sony does not collect location information and routing information. When Smile Shutter function is activated.

Although there is no health hazard, do not look directly into the AF illuminator emitter at close range. When you perform continuous shooting or bracket shooting, [VGA] image size will be set while recording on internal memory. If you set the [White Balance Shift] to [On] for the previously set correction value, it can be recalled.

Page When burst images are transferred to a TV, the main image alone or all images will be transferred depending on the settings for [Display Cont. You can upload images to a network service. Page Resets all settings to default settings.

Page 40 [Memory Card Tool] appears only when a memory card is inserted in the camera, while [Internal Memory Tool] appears only when a memory card is not inserted. When a motion is detected, the ISO sensitivity is increased according to the movement to reduce subject blur. Easy Mode if selected with [All]. When you record movies for a long time, the camera temperature rises. Page 67 Allows you to shoot images of your pet with the best settings. When you set the shutter speed slower, the traces of moving objects such as a river current etc.

Page Mac computer, and the camera is disconnected from the computer. Useful shooting functions 2.


Write Date If you shot images with the date once, you cannot delete the date from the images later. Images are recorded on the internal memory even when a memory card is inserted into the camera. Shooting Group] is set to [Display Main Image Only] The histogram may not appear for images recorded using other cameras. When the memory card is removed or the camera is turned off during a read or write operation When the memory card is used in locations subject to static electricity or electrical noise We recommend backing up important data.

Page Adjusts the contrast of the image. Cannot select the Face Detection function. Eye-Fi is slny trademark of Eye-Fi, Inc.