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The transfer of plasmid from one bacteria to a different strain is a best example for: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email suestions will not be published.

Kuru disease in human is caused by: For microbiology multiple choice questions pdf download, study online gram positive cocci multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers.

The reduction of virulence of a microorganism is known as: Free microbiology MCQs questions and answers to learn microbiologist interview questions and answers for competitive exams MCQs with answers. Which of the following process is NOT possible to do by a Eukaryotic organism?

You can download all these questions papers and study materials as PDF from our Slideshare account absolutely free link given below. No eukaryotes have the capacity to fix atmospheric nitrogen.

TOP Microbiology Multiple Choice Questions and answers | All Medical Questions and Answers

YAC is extensively used in the chromosome walking process. Yeast Artificial chromosome c. This set of practice questions will help to build your confidence in Ecology to face the real examination.

The resolving power of an optical microscope is: Which of the following vector s was extensively used in human genome project? Two flagella, one on each end. This facility is available only in some prokaryotes. The ability to penetrate into the host tissue b.

Homozygous gene transfer d. Horizontal gene transfer b. Which of the following structure is absent in Gram positive bacteria? Arbovirus are classified in three main groups namely bunyaviruses, togaviruses and Robovirus Echovirus Flaviviruses Rodents virus Answer C. The ability to utilize the microbiology multiple choice questions pdf download of the host e.

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MCQ Introduction to Microbiology + Answer Key | easybiologyclass

You may also like…. The pathogenicity ability of a microbe to cause a disease of a microbe is determined by measuring the virulence of the pathogen. Bacteria with a tuft of flagella found at one of the cell pole is called: Chondroid of some bacteria questons better known as: The ability to produce a pathological symptom d.

Vertical gene transfer c. Asexual spores in fungi: Sexual spores in fungi: Multiple flagella at one end. The process of enhancement multlple virulence of a microorganism is called as: A sputum culture may be rejected by clinical laboratory if It is microbiology multiple choice questions pdf download with blood It contains many more epithelial cells than neutrophils It contains IgA antibody It contains pus Answer B.

[TOPIC WISE] MICROBIOLOGY Questions and Answers pdf free Download

The ability to colonize in the host c. Which of the following microbiolog a sexual spore of fungi? All of the above. Ascus with Eight Ascospores source Wikipedia.